About Us

My name is Russ Head. I graduated from the University of Georgia with a history degree in 1973. As I approached graduation, I decided that I wanted to travel around the country to see the places I had studied in my courses. This resulted in a five year period I call the “experiential extension” to my academic education. To finance this experiential education, I worked for five years in seasonal resorts in Maine, Michigan, Montana, Florida and Massachusetts. This period was life changing and a rich time of spiritual and psychological growth. I used my days off to explore the region I was in and, in between seasons, I would take long rambling road trips home to explore other areas of the United States.
When I started this travel agency I began to travel extensively in Europe and this too was a rich and exciting time of personal growth. As a result of seeing so many wonderful places and experiencing so much, I decided I wanted to lead tours to the places I had been and share them with others.

Travel has provided a vast spiritual reservoir for me that allows me to enjoy life more and more each year. I believe the best travel is more than a list of sights seen. Good travel can be a life experience that can enrich the traveler and make him or her more interesting and more interested in life. The best travel affects the way you think, the way you cook, or the way you design that new garden or extension to your house. I hope you will come travel with me and let’s explore life and lands together.