Travel Connection Tours Are Different


Most of my domestic tours take a maximum of 32 people. Depending on numbers, we travel in 12-passenger vans or in a bus. My European tours usually take 24 – 32 people. Depending on response, some tours take smaller numbers. Depending on our itinerary, we may travel by bus, van, boat, or train. My New York trips are the only tours that take larger numbers. The group size also gives us more flexibility in our choice of hotels, restaurants and itineraries.


My trips do not go on the premise that more is better. I usually spend multiple nights in an area. This allows you to develop a relationship with the town in which you are staying. I choose a few key sites and try to spend more time at them rather than seeing a lot of sites at a fast and furious pace. I try to create significant blocks of free time to let you explore on your own to allow for the magic that happens when you make your own personal discoveries. I also give you free time for lunch and dinner to allow you the freedom to discover your own memorable restaurants and to create you own personal memories

Hotel Locations

I try to book my hotels in the city center so the client can walk to important sites and restaurants. Some agencies choose hotels out of town to save money leaving the client bound to the hotel or obliged to buy optional tours to get into town.

Focus on Walking

We explore most cities by walking and using local transportation.  These daily walks allow us to see a city in a way not possible when you are moving by in a large motor-coach which is restricted to big city streets. I want you to see it, touch it, smell it, and feel it so that when you return home and someone asks you what Paris is like you will respond with certainty rather than some vague memory from the back of a passing bus.