Private Tours

Each year I create and lead private tours for companies, schools, extended families, and groups of friends. I have a group of friends who enjoy traveling together and like the small group numbers that my tours allow. I can design a tour to meet your interests, time frame, and budget.

These private trips quite often are copies of trips I have already done in the past or they are altered, composites of those trips. I have done private family trips to Italy, Paris, and New England. I once did a nine day trip to Boston, Nantucket and New York. This was a composite of my Southern New England Trip and my New York trip. Here are a few of the private tours that I have done.

  • Italy
  • Boston, Nantucket, New York
  • Paris
  • Scotland and London
  • Paris and Switzerland

I presently have booked an extended family to Boston, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket and I am planning a school group trip to Washington. I am also planning a private study tour of Whaling Museums in Southern New England for the curators of a whaling museum in Australia.

If you have a group of friends or family who would like to travel together, please call me to see if I can be of assistance. These trips work best with at least 14 people, but don’t require a minimum number.

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